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The amount of ignorance still left in this world amazes me.

I had a confrontation today in which some person decided it would be okay to tell me that she would be disappointed if said actress, Naya Rivera, was actually gay. She would be disappointed because they didn’t want her niece to look up to a lesbian. I sat there, crushed by her words thinking of my own nieces and nephews. Thinking of how much they look up to me. I told her my nephews and nieces love me just as I am and that I think I’m a damn good person for them to look up to. The fact that anyone would think of me any less, and belittle me over the fact that I LOVE differently, aggravates the hell out of me.

One of, if not THE biggest insecurities I had prior to coming out, was how all my siblings’ kids would look at me. I’m not sure if kids are in my future, so I’m so attached and close to these kids that I couldn’t bare for them to love me any less. Four years ago, before I was their openly gay uncle, I decided I loved myself, and the man I loved, enough that I could share my love with my family and the world. Four years later, my family still loves me, my nephews still like to be like me and my niece calls me her best friend.

I’m so thankful that I’m blessed with such amazing family and friends that love me for me, even with all the fabulousness. I love you guys <3


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thats it. we have seen everything, the world may continue to stop existing.
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Funny Stuff you like?
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Good Vibes HERE
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Apart of the 69 percent 👀
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